Display signage designs for small retail stores and kiosks can have a powerful impact on shoppers today. Both regular customers and potential buyers are often attracted by eye-catching signs that lead to displays of merchandise that they decide to buy. Without this magnetic, attention-getting signage enticing shoppers to purchase featured inventory items that are on display, there would most likely be far fewer sales conversions involving these products and others displayed alongside them.

Although captivating signage has been used for years by merchants and advertising experts as a means of attracting more customers and sales for products, it is even more essential today for capturing the focus of the public and compelling shoppers to buy products.

Types of Display Signage that Promote Higher Sales Numbers for Small Retail Stores and Kiosks

There are various types and styles of signage that are essential today for promoting and capturing greater sales rates for small size retail stores, boutiques and kiosks, such as the following:

  • Digital (LED) Signage – Digital signs with attention-capturing LED lighting effects are very popular in today’s highly competitive consumer product sales marketplaces. Not only are these advanced sign designs attractive, but they are often truly mesmerizing and difficult to disengage, or look away, from. Featuring dynamic, dazzling colours, these signs may also include animation in their visual content. As featured products come alive in hi-tech colours on these enthralling marketing signage displays, they invade the shopper’s mental image banks where they remain, coaxing and enticing the shopper to become an active customer and buy the product.
  • Dynamic Image Signage – Eye-grabbing, colourful signs that feature images of main products on display for sale can be very effective in boosting conversion rates for these items of merchandise. When these product depictions are vivid, true to life and call attention a primary benefit or quality of the product they advertise, they can be of major importance to raising interest in and sales rates for this merchandise. Since we live in a very visual world today in which images tend to overpower words and phrases, signage imagery can be extremely powerful as a promotional sales tool.
  • Popular Word Signage – Signs using words that are popular in common language can also attract and hold potential customers’ attention, often leading them to make a product purchase. During the last few years, signs displaying phrases like “Awesome Art for Sale” and “Cool Catch-Alls” would encourage even casual passersby to stop at a kiosk or enter a small store to view the trendy artworks or the innovative carry-all bag designs advertised by these signs.

When you contact the experts at Retail Display Stands, serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you will get excellent advice and information concerning all aspects of modern merchandise display stands and dynamic signage designs. Our experienced team of professionals will guide you to a full understanding of which types and styles of signage will best promote your merchandise and gain increasingly higher sales conversion rates for your products.