The Art of Flooring Display Racks For Sale in Melbourne

Our flooring displays reflect the values of our clients. Jarvis Martin is recognised for creating displays that inspire, evolve and endure. Tailoring your display to both your employees and your final customer, we create attractive flooring displays that showcase your product in the best light.

By compacting all of your flooring samples into one easy use display stand, you’ll be able to give a broad overview of your entire range, without needing significant space on your shop floor. The display solution also prevents stock damage, as the majority of your flooring is kept behind closed doors, out of customers’ reach. Make it easy for your customers to find the flooring they need.

With a world of options available right before their eyes, your customers will never struggle to find the right solution for them. Before your end customer commits to what may be an expensive sale, help them to imagine what their end result might be. They’re able to picture the sample in their own home, and feel what it might be like to walk on the flooring. Engage their tactile senses and make them completely confident in their next purchase. What sets our flooring displays for sale apart?

Our commitment to progressive design has yielded a comprehensive portfolio within the industry for over 35 years. Having worked with premium clients throughout Melbourne, we have extensive experience in providing our commercial clients with elegant solutions. Now, we can bring our impressive track record to your brand, giving you an interior fitting to be proud of.

Conducting complete project management for your shopfitting, we make it easy to offer a well-designed shopfront to your customers.