Whether your company needs to convert a letter board into an interactive company staff directory or present a film poster in a real-time animation display, the latest designs in digital wall enclosures will enable you to complete your project. When you select an advanced model in protective enclosures for your wall-mounted presentation, you and your business will benefit from an attractive, easily seen and viewed digital wall. Your content will be easy for business associates and visitors to view for obtaining information and directions when they visit your company offices.

These digital wall enclosures also offer safe, highly effective methods for presenting attractive, easily accessible data displays at the entrances to large conference centers, concert halls, university buildings and community centers. Their content can be easily revised or replaced with entirely new data and presentations from a network computer connected to the same digital operating system.

Varied Designs in Popular Digital Wall Enclosures for Different Uses

There are various styles and models of attractive and highly functional digital wall enclosures on the market today, including the following choices:

• Digital Directories. – These modern enclosed wall directories were designed to replace the older wall-mounted letter boards that listed all of the executives, managers and employees in a company by departmental location. This sleek, attractive new digital directory offers the same or similar information in a pleasing, well-designed and easily viewed digital wall enclosure.

This type of enclosed digital wall is also frequently used to announce meeting times and locations in the entrance areas of large conference centers and other meeting venues. All data presented in these streamlined, contemporary digital wall enclosures can be easily revised or replaced from a computer connected to the same network and system.

• AV Presentations. – Appealing contemporary audio-visual presentations promoting performing arts events, classes and lectures or sporting events are often displayed in compelling digital wall format. These eye-catching wall displays vary in size and can often be larger-than-life for excellent viewing if mounted in large educational buildings, sports arenas or performance hall centers.

Animation videos that advertise company brands, products and services in shopping malls and other large public areas are also presented in these fashionable and functional digital wall enclosures. Outdoor models of these digital walls are water-resistant and designed to withstand various types of extreme weather conditions. They are also revised and controlled remotely from computers connected to the same digital network and system setup.

By contacting our experts at Retail Display Stands in conjunction with Jarvis Martin merchandising professionals located in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, you can obtain top-tier advice, the latest digital wall enclosures and full installation services for your company’s information display needs. Our superior team of experts will ensure that you select the ideal designs in contemporary digital wall enclosures to completely satisfy and even surpass any and all of your data display requirements and desires.