Many retail stores today have attractive acrylic display cases in their showrooms and store merchandise display areas. These cases have replaced the traditional glass cases or combination glass and wood or metal display cabinets used previously by many large retail stores and smaller boutiques. While retailers realize the necessity of showing their featured items for sale in highly visible displays to attract the attentions of potential customers, they also favour the use of practical, cost-effective and safe cabinetry and showcases for exhibiting their merchandise.

Major Benefits of Using Acrylic Merchandise Display Cases for Retail Store Businesses

The primary benefits of retail stores’ use of acrylic merchandise display cases to feature their favoured inventory items include the following:

• Customer and Employee Safety. – Since acrylic does not crack, break and shatter like glass can when struck with even minor force, acrylic display cases in busy stores are much safer for both customers and employees today. Especially since clear showcases that are ideal for exhibiting featured items of merchandise are also easy to overlook or miscalculate in size by customers browsing or shopping quickly or employees attempting to change or complete displays rapidly, accidents may occur. Since broken or shattered glass can cause serious bodily injury, store owners can provide a much safer store environment by choosing acrylic display cases for use in their inventory display areas.

• Merchandise Protection. – Valuable merchandise may be seriously damaged if it is displayed in an open area of a retail store or when enclosed in a glass display case that is broken or shattered by accident. However, when this same item is protected in a showcase made of acrylic, it will be safe from damage due to serious cracking or shattering.

• Cost Savings. – Because acrylic product display cases are less expensive to manufacture than are similar cases composed of glass, retail store owners can enjoy a significant cost savings by purchasing acrylic showcases for safe exhibition of their featured merchandise. Also, acrylic surfaces do not scratch and scuff as easily as glass can, making them a much better choice in terms of good presentation of store products for sale.

When you contact the experts of Retail Display Stands in conjunction with Jarvis Martin designers and merchandising professionals, you will receive top caliber advice and acrylic display case designs for optimal quality store merchandise displays. Our experienced pros will guide you toward selecting the ideal showcase designs for excellent and safe displays of all your store’s new and featured inventory items for enhanced customer interest and sales volumes.