Attractive, well-designed brochures are an essential element of your marketing campaign. For these eye-catching, informative and appealing brochures to catch the attention of your new customers and ongoing clients at industry expos, event exhibits or brand and product promotional seminars, they must be well displayed. Expertly designed, state-of-the-art brochure holders can do wonders for gaining attention, interest and sales conversions for your brand and its products or services. Today, there are myriad types and styles of fashionable and functional brochure holders that will present your marketing campaign brochures in the ideal way to ensure your campaign’s success.

Innovative Brochure Holder Designs to Enhance Your Marketing Campaign Results

Unique and effective brochure holder designs currently available that will greatly enhance the results of your marketing campaign include the following:

• Standing Tiered Holders.
– These attractive and practical brochure holders are often slender and adjustable in height. Made of plexiglass, other plastics or metal, these holders have steady bases and can display a number of different brochures in their vertically tiered pockets or trays. Each tray is slightly slanted backward, to enhance easy viewing of your brochure while enabling easy pick-up of brochures by interested individuals attending marketing events.

• Wall-Mounted Horizontal Holders.
– Slender yet spacious horizontal design brochure holders are lightweight and easy to place on walls near marketing event presentations or near expo booths. Usually composed of plexiglass, vinyl or other plasticised materials, these holders are space-savers that also provide plenty of slots for displaying stacks of brochures, offering quality visibility of all materials for marketing event attendees. They save valuable display and presentation space needed by key members of any marketing campaign, and many conference halls now install permanent wall-mounted holders for attractive and effective distribution of campaign brochures.

• Digital Standing Holders. – Digital standing brochure holders made of metal, timbre or plastic are growing in popularity today. They are especially helpful when placed near marketing campaign events including brand promotional exhibits, informational seminars or featured product demonstrations. One stand can display either a single brochure or a series of brochures in photo, video or slide show formats for the benefit of marketing event guests.

When you consult the experts at Retail Display Stands in connection with Jarvis Martin merchandising located in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, you will benefit from excellent literature display advice and top-rated brochure holder designs. Whether you need standing, wall-mounted or stand-based digital brochure holders for your marketing event, we will provide you with the ultimate quality designs. Our highly experienced team will guide you to selecting the ideal brochure holders to greatly enhance the effects and results of your next marketing campaign for high rates of brand visibility and success.