Popular retail stores in Melbourne are in constant need of fresh designs in custom displays for showcasing new and featured merchandise. Everyone lives in a very visually-oriented world today, which makes customers aware of how skilfully products are displayed. Potential buyers for your favoured inventories may decide for or against purchasing one or more of your products based on the level of aesthetic value and creative presentation of its display.

The quality of your merchandise display stands, shelves, racks or consoles may have a great deal of influence on how well each new product attracts consumer interest and sales. Although today’s shoppers are product-focused and savvy, they tend to favour high-style product showcasing displays strongly.

High Quality Custom Displays for Stylish Melbourne Retail Stores

Advanced and attractive designs in fine quality custom displays for Melbourne’s stylish retail stores and boutiques include the following:

• Free-Standing Moulded Shelving.
– Graceful and appealing free-standing moulded shelving conserves store and showroom floor space while presenting merchandise clearly and attractively. Without glass walls or partial covers, these stands provide an open, unobstructed and honest view of each item on display. These shelving stands are also lightweight and easy to re-position as needed. This contemporary shelving may be produced in metal, plastics or faux wood.

• Vertical Stands with Tiered Shelves or Racks. – When your featured products are exhibited using vertical stands with skilfully tiered shelves or racks, customers can view a series of small to medium-sized items quickly and easily. This type of display enables clients and potential buyers to examine and compare different products thoroughly, without the desire or need to remove displayed items from their racks or shelves. This type of display stand is frequently composed of metal or natural timber.

• Standing Console Modules with Racks or Slots.
– These attractive, sturdy and convenient standing module displays with product racks or slots are usually mounted on wheels for easy mobility. They can be moved across the floor to another merchandise display area quickly and easily. These strong, durable consoles are especially useful for exhibiting large and heavy electronic items, equipment or cookware. They are usually made of metal, timber, faux wood or durable plastics.

• Hanging Metal Open-Frame Shelving. – This industrial style in hanging, wall-mounted shelving is formed of open-frame metal strip supports and sleek, thin metal shelves. Although slightly built in terms of structure, these shelves are surprisingly strong and resilient. They are helpful for displaying books, decorative items, small digital devices or hats, scarves, gloves and stacks of T-shirts. This type of shelving is often made of aluminium.

When you consult the experts at Retail Display Stands in conjunction with Jarvis Martin merchandising located in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, designs and installation services when needed for stylish and functional custom displays for retail stores in Melbourne. Our experienced professionals will guide you to selecting the ideal displays for creating highly attractive and compelling showings of your new and featured merchandise.