Top rated display equipment and merchandising experts for carpet displays and sales today are highly knowledgeable about the carpet promotion and sales market. They know that the best way to ensure high conversion rates in carpet sales worldwide is to create captivating carpet displays that entice companies, private organizations and individuals to buy attractive and practical carpets for business and private use and enjoyment.

Especially since a large volume of carpet sales occur online on carpet company sales and marketing websites as well as at offline consumer marketplaces for selling carpets, appealing displays are very important. Whether shoppers are viewing beautiful carpet designs in local store showrooms or online, fine quality displays of these excellent floor coverings are essential for increasing and maintaining high sales volumes today.

Fine Quality Customised Carpet Displays and Cascaders for a More Attractive Carpet Presentation

Two elements of major importance to attaining high sales rates for carpets today are skillfully customised carpet displays and modern cascaders that provide more appealing carpet presentations:

  • Customised Carpet Displays. – Custom designed carpet displays that make use of complete shop fit outs with attractive placement of display racks, timbre display platforms and gondolas can do wonders to boost and maintain high carpet sales rates today. As a carpet sales company owner, you will experience greater ROI on your carpet inventory investments while gaining more new and loyal customers.

When your display devices are constructed of beautiful, lustrous natural timbre or sleek, smooth stainless steel or aluminium, they will showcase your handsome and exotic carpet designs artfully and skillfully, promoting increased sales. Often, a top quality presentation will sell the carpets on display without any selling efforts by your experienced sales staff.

  • Modern Cascaders. – Contemporary designs in cascaders are streamlined and attractive, featuring your lovely carpets to best advantage for promoting their unique beauty and excellent quality. These cascaders have a series of arms that hold and display each carpet securely so that customers can view different carpets placed directly above or beneath one another in an appealing series of colours, patterns and textures.

This simplifies the process of comparing different carpet designs for customers, putting them at ease to browse and examine your outstanding inventory of stylish carpets. These handsome cascaders are often constructed of a combination of beautiful natural woods and complementary chrome, aluminium or stainless steel reinforcing bars and hardware.

When you contact our carpet display experts at Retail Display Stands, you will obtain excellent advice, carpet display stands, platforms, shelving and cascaders for creating highly attractive carpet showroom presentations. With the aid of the Jarvis Martin merchandising and display room fitout experts located in Melbourne, Victoria and the incorporation of these top quality display stands, you will enjoy the benefits of displaying your fine carpets to their very best visual advantage for enjoying high sales rates. Contact our experts today at our location in Melbourne or by visiting our company website at