Selecting decorative glass cabinets for installation in optical stores can be an excellent choice for the ultimate merchandising effects and results today. When customers visit an optical store or boutique, they are focused on locating their ideal choices in eye glasses, contact lenses and accessories to best enhance both their vision and personal appearance.

Since they are thinking in visual terms, why not present the latest attractive fashions in eye-wear, visual aids and embellishments in beautiful, see-through glass cabinetry? This highly appealing type of presentation will draw the rapt attentions of even the casual shopper or browser. When merchandise is offered for viewing and sale in a highly visual manner that is appealing and compelling, sales conversions and customer databases can grow at significantly escalating rates.

More Reasons Why Decorative Glass Cabinetry Enhances Optical Store Merchandising Rates and Success

When owners and operators of optical stores choose decorative glass cabinets for displaying their featured styles of eye glasses, cases and contact lens options, they gain more customers and a loyal client base for the following reasons:

• Highly Visible Eye-wear.
– When clear eye glasses, tinted glasses, sunglasses and cases along with different options for contact lens selections are presented to customers in highly visible displays, it is much easier for shoppers to make definite product choices. They will also have a much clearer view of how glasses and accessories look when displayed in clear, bright cases with good lighting and simple presentation.

• Visual Display Appeal.
– When eye-wear is shown to the public in attractive cases made of pristine, sparkling glass, the visual appeal of each product is further enhanced by the beauty of the display. Everyone is attracted to a highly appealing display, just as we all are captivated by the beauty of a lovely natural scene. Even shoppers who normally focus on the practical aspects of a product for purchase will be drawn to these eye-wear displays since they show off beautiful items in a highly practical, clear way.

• Strong Product Enhancement.
– Even the plainest of eye glass styles will be strongly enhanced and embellished when shown in these sleek yet decorative and pleasing glass display cabinets. Clear glass is both elegant and clean-cut. It offers a no-nonsense, honest view of whatever is visible through its clear, unobstructed surfaces. Customers who view the latest eye-wear designs in these attractive glass cabinets are much more likely to make purchases than when sorting through confusing table-top, counter or shelf displays.

When you contact the display experts at Retail Display Stands, working in collaboration with Jarvis Martin merchandising professionals and located in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, you will be delighted with the pristine new clear glass cabinets they provide for adding decorative and lucrative display areas to your optical store. Our highly experienced team will guide you to selecting the ideal glass cabinetry to greatly enhance your client base and sales conversion rates.