Use of digital displays by retailers can make brand identification customer-friendly, increasing sales conversion rates for new or featured products. When customers can easily view highly engaging and compelling videos and slideshows that present major brand products by innovative media displays, even casual store browsers often stop to watch these media presentations. In many instances, shoppers out for an afternoon stroll at a shopping mall or community retail store block are persuaded to examine and purchase featured merchandise being showcased in attractive retail digital displays.

Since we live in a highly visual world today, contemporary product marketing relies heavily on digital media methods of presenting and promoting featured inventory items. Customers remember a product’s brand because of the dynamic and appealing way in which this item is presented by innovative digital displays.

How Attractive Digital Displays Can Make Brand Identification Very Customer-Friendly

Skillfully designed, appealing digital product displays can make brand identification quite customer-friendly in the following ways:

Vivid Product Images. – By presenting a unique video display of a brand’s featured product, merchandising experts and product promoters can greatly enhance this brand’s identification among consumers, making the brand easily recognisable and memorable. After viewing a dynamic and highly descriptive media presentation of a new, featured or seasonal product of a brand, customers will recall this product and its brand quickly, just by seeing the brand logo or name displayed in the future.

Creative Product Staging. – When creative marketing of a major product or line of merchandise is presented as a cleverly staged video, consumers are often captivated by the staging as well as the attractive product. For example, by presenting the latest exotic fruit organic beverage in a video against the background of a stunningly beautiful mountainside waterfall, marketers will create a lasting visual image that viewers will recall whenever they hear or see this brand name or similar products while shopping.

Engaging Verbal Descriptions and Music. – Digital product displays that include voice-overs with engaging verbal product descriptions along with haunting or captivating music that features or draws attention to the product are especially effective for improving brand identification. When customers are presented with both visual and auditory stimuli that enable them to have quick recall of a product and brand, this brand and its featured products will have a lasting place in the mental memory banks of these consumers. This will undoubtedly result in a significant boost in brand identification for greater recognition, sales and profitability levels.

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