Innovative modern flooring display racks and stands should be inspiring, versatile and adaptable to different settings and purposes. Custom designed and produced display stands for flooring products should also reflect the qualities and values of the client’s brand and products. These attractive and functional display racks and support stands can completely meet and even surpass the desires and expectations of clients with their outstanding visual appeal and practical application. When they do, these fine quality racks offer optimal effectiveness for showcasing varied styles of flooring and ceramic tiles. These racks may consist of natural, fabricated or composite materials.

The Great Importance of Visual Impact for Flooring Display Racks

Visual impact in flooring display rack designs is a vital factor in the overall display presentation of a flooring product. We live in a very visually oriented world today in which the racks and stands chosen to hold and exhibit beautiful flooring samples are extremely influential in how the product is seen and evaluated. Interested product viewers and customers may rate floor tiling samples according to how attractively they are displayed. When display racks designed to showcase ceramic tiles and other flooring materials reveal ultimate quality and style, they enhance the products and attract greater interest from viewers, both industry members and buying customers.

Attractive contemporary flooring display rack models from Retail Display Stands include the following:

• Arrow 6-Slot Tile Stand. – This sleek, contemporary tile stand design is triangular in shape, offering an appealing three-dimensional base for displaying floor tiles. Its six vertical slots accommodate six separate tiles, enabling them to be viewed in a vertical position for easy examination of tiling surface qualities and hues. Produced in streamlined stainless steel or aluminium, this attractive tile stand might also be custom-designed in composite materials.

• Custom Tile Stand. – This visually pleasing and practical stand exhibits a series of floor tiles in two vertical, sequential displays, standing side-by-side. It offers a simplistic, minimalist design that accentuates the characteristics and attributes of each individual tile. At the same time, the pair of vertical displays enables viewers and buyers to easily compare the different tile designs on exhibit. Customised models will most likely be made of streamlined aluminium or steel with unique patina finishes. Quality plastics or timbre may also be used for this design.

• Single Tile Stand. – This subtle tile rack display design exhibits a single, vertical and cascading display of tiles, each placed with a corner at the top and bottom in a diamond-shaped pattern. The tiles overlap, which can make comparisons of tiling colours, textures and patterns simple. Since subtleties in tiling surface qualities can be difficult to compare when tiles are placed beside one another, this overlapping exhibit can be helpful to buyers.

• Double Tile Display. – This pair of vertical tile showcasing racks offers slender, modern style as well as sturdy, durable construction. Its sleek, vertical design and simple elegance make it highly suitable for displaying many types and designs of tiling. This tile rack design is especially helpful in revealing very slight variances in tile hues and surface patterns or when displaying a sequence of tile models in a single brand design and series.

• Custom Tile Display. – This handsome standing case with built-in vertical display slots for tiles offers ebony-hued contemporary elegance and a handsome, smooth finish. Tiles can be placed conveniently in their slots to be removed individually for viewing. This matte-finish, painted metal, wood or composite material, encased display rack may be placed at floor level or at a higher level on tables or counter-tops for convenience in viewing of floor tiles.

By consulting the experts of Retail Display Stands in conjunction with Jarvis Martin merchandising located in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive top quality advice and designs in contemporary flooring display racks. Our experienced professionals will also customise precision-made display racks and stands that are highly attractive for exhibiting varied types and colours of floor tiling in porcelain and other ceramics, stone, concrete and other visually appealing materials.