Shopping mall wayfinders are a great convenience for customers making purchases in busy mall environments today. If you shop in your favourite food markets, clothing boutiques and household product stores at the same mall every week, you may not need these attractive digital signs as much as new shoppers do. However, even regular customers can benefit from this contemporary style of signage when viewing wayfinders that announce new store openings or promotional sales for featured products. Of course, on your first visit to any shopping mall today, well-placed digital signs giving directions and notices about major sales and events at different stores offer valuable tips about new products and significant cost-savings not to be missed.

Digital Shopping Mall Wayfinders in Melbourne from Jarvis Martin for Customers’ Convenience

Effective shopping mall wayfinders from the experts of Retail Display Stands and Jarvis Martin provide a major convenience for shoppers throughout busy Melbourne retail shoppers today in the following ways:

• Mall Entrance Guides. – Large attractive wayfinders placed at the main entrances to shopping malls gain the immediate attention of shoppers as they drive into the malls. With their clear digital displays, these contemporary signage designs direct customers to different stores, boutiques and markets. The colours and light intensity of their computerised displays can auto-adjust for easy visibility during both daytime and night hours.

• Mall Hallway Maps. – Inside expansive shopping malls, wall-mounted digital displays showing maps of stores and walkways throughout the complex help new shoppers become acclimated to the layout. They can easily locate their favorite shops, cafés and restaurants or decide which areas of a mall to explore first. Many of these wayfinders also have audio tracks that give verbal directions to all areas of the shopping centre.

• Digital Store Directories.– Digital signs placed outside and inside mall stores and boutiques can entice even casual browsers to look at featured products and inventory displays. They also make regular shoppers aware of special sales items and the latest in new items available. Especially since we live in a visually-oriented world today, shoppers relate quickly and well to clear, concise information that is attractively displayed.

When you consult the experts at Retail Display Stands in conjunction with Jarvis Martin merchandising located in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive experienced, professional advice concerning wayfinders for shopping malls in Melbourne and surrounding regions. We offer digital display signage in many different styles and models to accommodate a wide variety of mall and store layouts.

In addition, our designers will customise wayfinders to satisfy your exact specifications, preferences and needs. Our expert team will guide you to selecting the ideal types and styles of contemporary digital signage to greatly enhance the shopping experience of all your mall customers.