Due to the large numbers of consumers who often shop during well-advertised store sales today, large retail stores must often use crowd control barriers outside the entrances to their stores. Although these shoppers may be quite peaceful and orderly as they await entrance to their favorite stores to shop for attractive merchandise at reduced prices, large and uncontrolled crowds of shoppers can become too congested.

With too many people gathered closely together in one place waiting eagerly to shop, accidents leading to injuries can occur due to overcrowding. However, with well-positioned crowd control barriers in place at store entrance-ways, the numbers of people gathering will be better regulated, resulting in safer, healthier waiting conditions for potential buyers.

When Crowd Control Barriers Are Needed to Ensure Safety for Consumers Waiting to Shop in Large Retail Stores

There are times when crowd control barriers are essential safeguards for ensuring the well-being of crowds of consumers awaiting entrance to large retail stores to shop, including the following:

• Holiday Seasons. –
During busy holiday season shopping when consumers are looking for gifts, large crowds often gather outside main entrances of large retail stores prior to the time the stores open. Most shoppers are in good and amiable moods on these special shopping days. Yet store owners and managers often place crowd control barriers in front of their main store entrances to help make sure that no one experiences overcrowding and bodily injury.

• Clearance Sales. – On days when large stores hold clearance sales of seasonal products and inventories, store managers frequently install sturdy barriers for crowd control just outside their store entrances. This enables them to let consumers in to shop in controlled numbers to prevent overcrowding and unpleasant shopping conditions for customers once they enter the store.

• Product Promotions. – During periodic featured product promotions, store owners often place crowd regulation barriers outside the front doors of their large retail stores to prevent groups of waiting customers from rushing to enter the stores at the moment they open, which can cause pushing and crowding that may result in customer falls and injuries. By admitting only a certain number of shoppers to the store at one time, store management can also better protect their merchandise on display from being damaged by crowds of eager shoppers.

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