Use of acrylic display cases is the ideal solution for complete protection of your valuable merchandise today. Expertly designed and produced show cases for exhibiting your featured items in your retail store, mall boutique or expo showroom will safeguard valuable items while letting your clients and potential customers view and examine them closely.

Customers appreciate the opportunity of getting a close, careful view of their favourite merchandise, and they also understand the importance of store and boutique owners taking measures to protect their valuable products from theft or harm. Items that are exhibited in sparkling, clear acrylic display cases can be seen easily and thoroughly examined by shoppers without any need for concern about them being damaged or displaced.

Popular Use of Acrylic Display Cases for Showing and Protecting Valuable Items of Merchandise

Attractive designs in acrylic display cases are frequently the choice of store and showroom owners and operators for displaying such valuable items of merchandise as the following:

• Jewellery with Precious Stones.
– Designer jewellery items that include fine quality gold, diamonds and other precious stones are frequently displayed for sale in attractive acrylic show cases with delicate, yet sturdy designs. These clear cases offer full viewing of each piece of jewellery while securely protecting all items from damage or theft. When consumers are strongly attracted to such beautifully designed and created jewellery pieces, their first impulse is to touch and handle these valuable items and to try on expensive necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. These durable, transparent display cases provide the ideal combination of clear visibility and strong protection needed to safeguard these items while exhibiting them for customers to see and admire.

• Valuable Artworks. – Small and valuable or delicate works of art like handcrafted glass items, delicate wood carvings, woven works, embroidered items or pieces of intricate needlework art can be clearly and safely displayed in transparent acrylic display cases. Viewers are often tempted to handle these artworks and handcrafted items, many of which may be quite valuable. However, when these works of art are shown in clear, non-breakable viewing cases like these attractive and practical acrylic cases, viewers feel satisfied at the clear, full showing of each valuable item.

• Antique Novelty Items.
– When antique novelty pieces like vintage pocket watches, ornate silver spoons, stone or ceramic vases or small decorative boxes of carved ebony with precious stone inlaid designs are exhibited in clear acrylic show cases, they can be easily viewed and admired by shoppers and potential customers without any concerns about damage to the items. While closed displays that are made of wood, plastics or metal with only small windows for examining merchandise may disappoint or annoy shoppers, clear, streamlined acrylic display cases offer the best possible solution for mounting attractive, pleasing and secure exhibits of valuable inventory items.

By consulting the experts of Retail Display Stands in conjunction with Jarvis Martin located in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice and optimal quality acrylic display case designs for exhibiting your valuable items of merchandise. Our experienced professionals will recommend custom-designed, superior quality commercial display solutions for exhibiting your featured pieces with ultimate style and elegance while providing full protection for each highly valued item.